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The Unlawful Administration of the Deceased Estate of Erini Stiliano

Last updated 11 April 2011

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Evidentiary Documentation for the Deceased Estate of Erini Stiliano (password protected)

A Documented History of Unity, Support And Defection


This is about an Australian citizen's epic ongoing war against a South Australian government-instigated bungled acts of crime and corruption.

This involved a widening number of personnel and colleagues who were apparently predisposed to breaking any law in order to achieve unlawful objectives for their mates.

The instgators,within the South Australian Public Trsustee Office, have recently been exposed, and they have absolutely no defence against the charges made against them. The are soundly defeated, but are well bunkered down and remain uncommunicative until they are somehow brought to justice.

They have been most unprofessional and inane in their blatant anarchy and total disrespect and contempt for law and order and their corruption of the judiciary, police and government. Their conduct has wreaked havoc and destruction, in this particular case, of dozens of people's lives and their families. These miscreants, who have displayed wanton disrespect for law and order, operate with nonchalant corruption and stupidity unabated to this very day.

So far, as a result of my revelations to the Attorney-General, an estates officer has been placed on permanent sick leave (ca April 2007), a crown solicitor officer's contract was terminated (ca April 2007). As a result of my two criminal charges, supported with extensive and overwhelming documentation, made against the Public Trustee office in March 2010, via the Ombudsman and Corporate Trustees Association of Australian, the head of the Public Trustee resigned in Sep 2010 without notice after he had repeatedly declined to respond/cooperate to/with these investigative bodies over a number of months. The destructive sadistic psychopaths within the South Australian Public Trustee ought to be identified and purged from the Public Service. I can name three of them who are still there and should be dismissed immediately.

To me, this case reveals an underlying sinful aspect of Australian law and politics that is rarely if ever published, because of heavily restrained freedom of press and media throughout Australia. Therefore I/we should be deeply grateful for Internet technology - which is fast empowering young and old citizens with the means to group together to restrain corruption and injustice. I express these views as my own, drawn from direct personal experience in this case and objectively supported with hard evidence of incriminating events.

Not many people realise that this South Australian state government has the capacity to commit any and many brazen illegal unlawful acts whatsoever upon a citizen and, after being caught red-handed in the act of white-collar criminal acts, doing whatever crooked acts it takes to get away with it.

I'm one of the few who has witnessed this first hand. Because they wrongfully assume that capacity, some people within this government have developed a propensity to abuse this capacity in order to satiate unfounded imaginary prejudices, which invariably results in unprofessional conduct. This is one such case.

Fortunately in this case their covert deeds have been intelligently investigated and exposed, and that is why I am able to publish this material, incredible as it may appear to the average law-abiding Australian citizen, without fear of libel.

As you read this, and you are an honest ethical human being, you will probably experience disillusionment in the Australian legal and political systems. However, if you can weather this, and make the effort to believe it, this will do you the world of good, and you will become a more effective democratic Australian citizen by observing and curtailing government misconduct.

Now that the mood has been set, let's begin this documentary.

The beneficiary of his mother's deceased estate is seeking reparation from the South Australian government. The beneficiary is an Australian citizen resident in Carnegie,Victoria.

The inheritance jurisdiction of the Greek properties in question is Greece. What!? How did South Australia come to violate Greek property inheritance law sovereignty? This has proven to have been only possible by certain namable government and legal miscreants conspiring to circumvent South Australian State legislation and to heavily abuse South Australian Supreme Court Rules for the purpose of assisting some South Australian citizens carry out property fraud on Greek land. No other means of implementing fraud was possible, because any other anticipated means such as private theft had been officially thwarted by protective actions taken by the beneficiary via South Australian police and South Australian court hearings some two years prior in 2004/2005.

Consequently the two charges leveled by the beneficiary against the Public Trustee Office in 2010 viz, a) accessory after the fact to fraud and b) aiding and abetting fraud are undisputed by those in government who committed acts which were in fact, criminal/tort acts punishable by law. All that is required now is an ethical pro bono lawyer or no-win no-fee lawyer to sue the South Australian government for millions in punitive damages. The password-protected link provides all the details and evidence necessary to make this an elementary task for an ethical lawyer.

After the charges were leveled by the beneficiary, the head of the Public Trustee, unable to respond to the Australian Trustee Corporations Association's repeated demands to answer to the charges and the accompanied evidence, resigned 3 Sep 2010. Escaped might be more accurate than resigned.

The beneficiary has been subjected to a variety torts listed below, and nothing but torts, committed by Public Trustee et all upon the beneficiary.


The beneficiary was, in Feb 2007, at an advanced stage of obtaining his inheritance rights via Greece's legal system when the South Australian Government unexpectedly, without warning, without notice, and without any reason corruptly ambushed him, on the eve of his departure to Greece to deal with his inheritance. He was ambushed via an unintelligible summons, improperly served, and thereby they corruptly sought to usurp control of the estate via an act of ill-founded conspiracy covertly hatched by the collaboration of Public Trustee, Probate Registrar and a private law firm and that firm's client. There were three other stunned and bewildered Victorians' named on the summons as defendants, but the sole beneficiary of the overseas estate was the only real target. The beneficiary eventually realised why that illicitly conjured summons was used instead of standard probate administration act legal procedures. This is explained elsewhere.

The basis of their doomed futile inane court action was very soon shattered when they received independent written (via email) legal advice from their own Greek lawyer within a few of days of their issuing the summons, whilst I was in Greece, that supported my rights (I knew my well-researched rights thoroughly) and contradicted all the actions of the South Australian law firm and South Australian judiciary.

However the law firm corruptly went ahead with the hearing, knowing that their many months of chicanery with the Public Trustee and judiciary had now backfired. They had been defeated even before the hearings by their own sword, but deliberately misled the Judge into believing the summons was still valid. They thereby corruptly obtained an order at those kangaroo hearings, held improperly during my overseas absence, to unlawfully prohibit the issue of a copy of the grant of probate order to Greece.

The underlying purpose of their conspiracy was to stall/prohibit issuing of grant of probate order to Greece, with the specific intention of facilitating the execution of a fraudulent claim, covertly lodged in a Greek court by a Greek citizen accomplice, of an expensive property in Greece (my inheritance).

Subsequent to their own humiliating self-defeat, the plaintiff's law firm tried to extort $30,000 from the beneficiary to pay their costs. The beneficiary was in Greece at the time unraveling the mysterious covert fraudulent operation that was in full swing. Subsequent to the failed extortion, the law firm devised another perjury-laden affidavit requesting that the Court grant an order transferring the estate's administration to their partner-in-crime, the now embattled Public Trustee. This was done solely so that the embattled Public Trustee could find a way to illegally sell a large portion of the estate in order to pay off the law firm cum partner-in-crime's legal bill. It was illegal because the court made certain, when it abruptly closed the case in September 2007, that the plaintiff's lawyers were not granted any order for costs being paid from the estate, because apparently the court realised the calamity caused by the law firm's and their fraudulent client's conduct.

Thus the Public Trustee set itself on a course of perpetrating unconscionable inconceivable criminal/tort acts in order to carry out its bent mission of selling my Greek estate which was strictly inaccessible to anyone but the beneficiary under Greek inheritance law. If this were made into a television documentary viewers would be quite stunned at the bent mind-set of these people in thinking they can trash any law, perhaps because they think they own and control the law. Not quite, because the beneficiary as a democratic citizen owns and controls it too and understood and applied it well enough to protect himself from these miscreants. As far as Australian citizens are concerned, adherence to law and order and justice served on lawbreakers takes priority over this lawbreaking rogue state's inanely creative contra-law administration. Naturally I refer only to specific key individuals within the government who are responsible for what's happened.

As alluded to above, a Greek accomplice could not succeed in making a squatter property claim if there is a grant of probate order presented to the court, and if there is an ethical lawyer, especially a Public Trustee, that opposes the claim. The conspirers covertly went to great lengths to ensure that no probate order and no public trustee was ever mentioned to the Greek Court. The Public Trustee played an active, indeed a very pro-active role in this deliberate sabotage of my inheritance.

When the beneficiary finally secured the final piece of evidence early in 2010, the charges were articulated and leveled by him against a shell-shocked Public Trustee. The long-awaited final piece was deduced from a long letter written by the Head of the Public Trustee to the beneficiary. The Public Trustee Office had been active in sabotaging the beneficiary's inheritance shortly after the beneficiary's mother passed away in March 2006. That's about a five-year 'crime spree' of endless attempts to sabotage the estate.

After the charges were leveled by the beneficiary, the head of the Public Trustee, unable to respond to the Trustee Corporations Association's repeated demands to answer to the charges, resigned.

Further details and supporting evidence of these statements are viewable via the password protected link above.

End of Summary.


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