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Deceased Estate of Erini Stiliano

This is an epic saga of how one man defeated an unprovoked intrusion by an army of lawyers, courts, politicians, ministers, police and private individuals across two countries, Australia and Greece

In brief, an Australian state government administration was mislead to falsely ascertain, in 2004, two years before his mother's death in 2006, that the main beneficiary of this estate was not worthy of his inheritance, and so the administration mounted a prolonged concerted attack involving the judiciary, police, supreme court, many lawyers here and overseas, ministers and public trustee to 'cooperate' to pervert their powers and duty in order to covertly devise methods, outside of the law, to defraud the beneficiary of his inheritance.

It has taken six years of investigation for the flabbergasted innocent beneficiary to figure out what was going on, and the final piece of evidence obtained in early 2010 enabled the beneficiary to deliver a cataclysmic set of documents to those authorities concerned with this case - and charging the Public Trustee involved with: cartoon

1) Accessory to Fraud after the Fact and

2) Aiding and Abetting named Persons in the Perpetration of Fraud

They were not expecting this, that their actions could be articulated thus as criminal and not civil. They soon went into total lockdown and the head of the Public Trustee resigned shortly afterwards (3 Sep 2010), thus avoiding answering the charges for which he was formally requested a number of times to answer by the private Trustee Corporations of Australia Association (TCA), of which that Public Trustee is member.

Meanwhile a Bill had been tabled in the state's parliament (in 2010) which effectively proposes to facilitate excusing any one in government of any crimes committed. This Bill masquerades as an Anti-Corruption Bill. Having read the Bill, I strongly assert that it would greatly enhance the opportunity for further corruption.

There was also an Australian Federal Financial Services Bill tabled in 2009 that would have made the Public Trustee's actions in this case federal crimes and be subject to investigation and prosecution by ASIC. When the federal minister concerned with the said Act was alerted to Erini Stiliano's case, the Australian State Public Trustees were mysteriously exempted from the legislation enacted (in May 2010) shortly after the alert. It was disheartening to learn that the Public Trustee in question was a member of a non-government TCA committee that lobbied hard for this exemption - a clear conflict of interest.

The link Deceased Estate of Erini Stiliano in Detail (password protected) provides all the evidence in great detail. It's an ongoing work of virtually endless permutations and combinations of evidence.

If there are any fallacies in any of my statements within any document please advise, with proof, so the amendment/s can be attended to promptly.

A List of Key Documents

Aug 2001 A future beneficiary of his mother's Will applies to an Australian state government for it to administer his mother's estate because he suspects her overseas estate is at risk of being stolen by three Australian citizens and their overseas accomplices. The application is necessary because his mother has advanced dementia and has no Power of Attorney (the POA having become deceased in March 2001).

Aug 2004

Legal Document

A Public Trustee Crown Solicitor writes a covert personal letter to two citizens, known to be adversarial to the beneficiary, effectively vowing to support them to oppose the interests of the beneficiary in his efforts to protect the Greek estate against theft by squatters. The letter was inadvertently discovered by the beneficiary when one of the two adversarial citizens mislaid it. There was insufficient time to take a photo of the letter, but it's in the Public Trustee's files.

Aug 2004

Legal Document

Another covert letter by this same Crown Solicitor, this time to the Guardianship Board, wrongly and ineptly advised that the Will was flawed and the Crown Solicitor opposed my major-beneficiary status in it. It also advised that the Australian component of the estate should be set aside for funds for a legal challenge by the adversarial persons the Public Trustee was sympathetic with.

26 Aug 2004

Legal Document:

Transcript of Guardianship Board hearing

This transcript proves conclusively the motives and names of the persons here and overseas who would at a future time take part in a predicted operation to defraud the beneficiary of property bequeathed to him.

14 Sep 2006

Legal Document:
Fraudulent Property Claim lodged in Greek Court

It can be proven that the three persons present at the Guardianship Board hearing of 26 Aug 2004 were in fact, as predicted, the ones who had organised this covert lodgment of a fraudulent property claim before a Greek Court. The property in question was to be my major inheritance.

It is alleged that the Public Trustee and the Probate Registrar had knowledge of this covert operation and supported it.

26 Oct 2006
Legal Document:
Letter from legal adversary to beneficiary

It can be proven through simple deduction that this letter's contents could only have been written with the prior consent of the Public Trustee and the Supreme Courts Probate Registrar. The conspiracy deduced was that there was now in place a clear attempt by these conspirators to defraud the beneficiary of most of his inheritance.

May 2007
Legal Document:
Revealing Fax from Greek lawyer

A letter from Greece, written in Greek, describing the procedure to be taken by the Executor to fake a squatter property claim on my inherited property was faxed to the Australian Executor of the Will and her Australian lawyer. This letter was transferred to the Public Trustee, who knowingly kept this sensitive document from the beneficiary of that property.

The Executor, her lawyer and the Public Trustee without a doubt already knew, as willing subversive accessories, that such a fake squatter claim had already been lodged in Sep 2006, and that I had defeated it at the eleventh hour. They were now, as willing accessories, preparing to pervert their office and the law yet again to ensure the success of a second covert fake claim planned to be lodged by the same squatter in Sep 2007.

A copy of this unknown secret letter was sent to me in May 2008 <check exact date> by 'well-meaning' irate Greek lawyer after the bill for the Greek lawyer's services of 300 euros had gone unpaid by the Executor, her lawyer, and the Public Trustee.

This is a key document in the proof of Accessory after the Fact to, and Aiding and Abetting of, Fraud against those who were responsible for dealing appropriately with this document.

Sep 2007

Legal Document:
Second Fraudulent Property Claim lodged in Greek Court

A second attempt at a covert fraudulent squatter property claim is arranged by the now-resigned Executors. The Public Trustee is fully aware of this covert operation and it does everything to support it.

The correspondence to the Public Trustee from myself and others shows just how involved it was in completely suppressing all Greek property administration and suppressing probate submission to the Greek court, because performing one iota of either of those duties would have thwarted the fraudulent property claim in the Greek court.

This is further proof of the Public Trustee's Aiding and Abetting of Fraud by three South Australian citizens.

May 2008

Legal Document:

Public Trustee subverts Greek Court hearing. Court document and emails.

To be composed. Betrayal beyond anything the public could possibly imagine from our 'trusted' governments . The evidence of intention for the Public Trustee to aid and abet fraud is deduced from the contents of the Court hearing outcome document, together with the 'forced' email admissions obtained from two Greek lawyers appointed to be present at the hearing (who withdrew when they too were exposed as accomplices).

This is further proof of the Public Trustee's Aiding and Abetting of Fraud perpetrated by three South Australian citizens, and Accessory after the Fact to Fraud.



May 2009

Statements submitted by beneficiary to Greek Court block fraud claim.

Two lengthy Faxes sent by beneficiary directly to Greek Court advising of full details of who, what, when, and reveals for the first time that the fact that Public Trustee is the administrator.

The Greek Court is requested by beneficiary to postpone the civil hearing by stating that there is a concomitant criminal investigation by police on the same property brought before the Court.

This worked. An Australian plenipotentiary was brought before the Greek Court and the evasive Public Trustee was forced to be recognised as responsible for the property being claimed.

From this point on the Public Trustee et al are in free fall.


Sep 2009

Email: Letter to Government to follow up fraud investigation

Government administration is requested by beneficiary to report on progress of Australian criminal investigation to be supplied to Greek Court in time for Feb 2010 Greek court hearing.

Feb 2010

Perversion of justice

There was in fact no Greek Court hearing as scheduled for 12 Feb 2010. It's a mystery to this day as to why it there was no listing of it and no record of it.

Feb 2010

Perversion of justice by Public Trustee.

Public Trustee charged with assisting fraud claim.


Following the 'non court hearing', the Head of Public Trustee writes a lengthy very deceptive arrogant and malicious self-incriminating letter to the beneficiary. Armed with this incriminating letter, which is the long-awaited final piece of the evidence jigsaw, the beneficiary is set to take decisive action.

Mar 2010

Elegantly powerful compilation of documents submitted by beneficiary and his Power of Attorney.

Chaos as administration runs and hides behind itself.

Matter taken and presented to Ombudsman, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) and TCA (Trustee Corporations Association of Australia).

Beneficiary articulates criminal charges against the Public Trustee for the very first time.

Mar - Aug 2010

Reminder letters to TCA

Head of Public Trustee repeatedly pressured by TCA to respond to criminal charges.

3 Sep 2010

Media reports

Eventually, instead of responding, Head of Public Trustee quits without notice.
Current status The besieged government administration is silent but I am guessing is still active in maneuvering staff and inventing political means of whitewashing this case (eg the proposed Ministry of Integrity really equates to Ministry for Whitewashing The Estate of Erini Stiliano).